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Month: January, 2008

Fantastic Open Education Opportunity

This must be one of the greatest places to work in the field of open education in the world. The Center for Open and Sustainable Learning COSL at Utah State University has a faculty opening for Academics working in the field of technology and learning. I have met Steve and his colleagues at numerous occasions […]

Cape Town Open Education Declaration Launched

The Cape Town Open Education Declaration is launched – “Teachers, Students, Web Gurus, and Foundations Launch Campaign to Transform Education, Call for Free, Adaptable Learning Materials Online” Champagne and Appletizer all around! We soft-launched a few weeks ago and there have been a number of interesting and useful responses and comments, some critical, many positive […]

What the #$%@ is this @#$%?

That’s the name of my imaginary podcast series in which I would share all the things I think about when sitting in my car … usually to do with birth pains of the emerging young democracy in the Republic of South Africa. Let’s assume there actually is a process that will lead to strong and […]