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Month: April, 2008

open courseware consortium meeting dalian

I spent the last three days at the Open Courseware Consortium meeting hosted by the China Open Educational Resources network in Dalian, frantically running from meeting to meeting, promoting the Cape Town Open Education Declaration, doing a presentation on how OCW can be extended through accreditation, and participating in the OCWC board sessions. The Open […]

ooxml accepted by ISO – quick thoughts on what this means

Rumours had been making the rounds since Sunday evening, but now it’s confirmed that a fundamentally flawed standardisation process has — not surprisingly — resulted in a fundamentally flawed new ISO standard for open documents ISO 29500. Faced with all of the lobbying might of a powerful international corporation, many standard bodies in smaller countries […]

you can't compete with the web

Andreas Meiszner gave an interesting presentation at the 4th International Conference on Higher Education, where he highlighted the power of open source processes for education, and how that could pose a threat to the way universities are organising teaching and learning today. He ended with a great quote: “In the future, universities will no be […]