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Month: June, 2008

Lists of lists of lists

Fiona King sent me an email about launching a list of “100 Resources for Teaching Without Textbooks“. Enabling teachers to teach without textbooks has an ironic twist in South Africa, where many teachers don’t have the choice – and are already teaching without textbooks. Unfortunately, they also lack Internet access, so these resources won’t improve […]

Entrepreneurial Education is not the same as market-based education

Derek pointed me to this post on entrepreneurial education by Jon Bischke, CEO of I like the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that Jon promotes. Where I don’t agree with him is that entrepreneurial is the same as market-driven. Reading through his post, I remembered Derek Bok’s excellent “Universities in the Marketplace“, which analyses […]

OER Workshop for educators

Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams from UCT’s Opening Scholarship project and I ran a short OER Workshop for participants of the ICEL 2008 conference yesterday. We split the workshop into a shorter seminar/presentation and a longer hands-on practical session and ended up having a lot of fun with participants from the Cape Town universities as well as from […]

open everything roadshow opens – a 1/2 day conversation about the art, science and spirit of "open"

Today Mark Surman and friends are starting up the first or a series of Open Everything roadshow events in Toronto. He calls it a conversation about the art, science and spirit of “open”. If you are “violently intrigued” and live in Cape Town – then please get in touch. We will be organising the Cape […]