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Month: September, 2008

What is the problem? OER in search of a common goal

Candace Thille from Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative, spoke about a research network that CM and the Open University UK are starting in order to find better ways to analyse effectiveness of open educational resources. Besides the much needed focus on rigorous analysis of the benefits of open education on the individual learner (something that […]

Providing electronic foundation courses

I just saw a great presentation by Haishuo Lee who works at a technical University of Taiwan. He presented a model that I think holds a lot of promise for UWC and other Universities in Africa as well. The University created video lectures for three of its foundational courses (in this case Calculus I and […]

Release early and often – thoughts on "open"

One characteristic of open source or free software development processes is to release code early (but not too early) and often. This allows the community of users, testers, and contributors to review progress – identify errors and try out features early on so things can still be changed before a lot of time was invested. […]

Derek get's a 3.0 for his presentation

In his unique style, Derek Keats asks for a grade on his Education 3.0 presentation. Of course this is a bit tongue in cheek, and what he is really after is the very important and difficult issue of how we assess and evalate remix practices in the context of formal education. In the “informal” web […]

Sharing Nicely – Pecha Kucha Style

Pecha Kucha is a high-energy presentation format pioneered by a group of architects and designers in Tokyo. The idea is to show 20 slides, for 20 seconds each – and then get off the stage. Pecha Kucha Nights have spread around the world and yesterday, the second Pecha Kucha Cape Town took place at The […]