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Month: October, 2008

Peer 2 Peer Univerity (P2PU) website up

We just launched an information site about the Peer 2 Peer University ahead of an article that is supposed to appear in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education. I am blogging about it now, because by the time it comes out I will be on my way to the vast open plains of The Karoo … […]

And that's why students rock

Yesterday we celebrated the conclusion of the first phase of the Rip Mix Learners project here at UWC. It was moving to see the excitement and enthusiasm of all the students who had worked so hard during the past year. It was also a little sad, because Nondumiso Sinyenyeko-Sayo who has been running the project […]

dodgy digits – putting a positive spin on things

Ars Technica, usually the place of choice for in-depth technology reviews, publishes a fantastic fact-checking exercise on the estimated “damages” that the strong Intellectual Property lobby commonly promotes. The find that the two most often cited numbers, “750,000 jobs lost to IP theft” and “$200 – $250 billion cost of IP infringement to the US […]

High-Speed Video Lectures

One factoid from the Open Ed conference in Utah that has been banging around the inside of my head is this: Apparently students that access video lectures online like to speed them up. At the University of Taiwan, students watch calculus lectures between 1.6 and 2 times faster than they were recorded. Willem from the […]

wikify your brains

A response to Nicholas Carr‘s recent piece in The Atlantic points out that the “digital divide” goes much beyond access to technology issues. A UCLA researcher studying memory and aging, notes that the use of certain technologies can rewire the way we think – with wide ranging implications on what social practices we develop. In […]