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Month: November, 2008

Foggy day – clear vision?

View from the UN Building on the Rhein in Bonn. The UNU is trying to clarify its vision and strategy for the use of technology in learning – during a two day workshop.

Thoughts on an open approach to crime

Mark Surman is speaking to the City of Toronto about how openness can help create a better city — much in the same way that it helped create a better Internet. In his truly open ways, he has been blogging about it, and has posted his speaker notes and draft slides online for comment. Most […]

Pratham Books goes CC (BY-NC-SA)

Pratham Books/ Read India is one of those inspiring projects that India seems able to generate more easily than many other transition economies: cool business sense and entrepreneurship hit a social cause. Gautam John and his colleagues have managed to squeeze the publication costs of educational books to an absolute minimum, producing lots and lots […]

The Mother of Open Content Online Surveys

My friend Rishab Ghosh occasionally invites me to moonlight with the Collaborative Creativity Group at the United Nations University MERIT. Most recently I participated in designing the Wikipedia survey, which is coming to an end as I post this. Nobody likes to fill out online surveys, but Wikipedia gets an incredible 65,000 hits per second, […]

Hooray – cheaper and better network services on the horizon in South Africa

Andrew writes about legal wranglings over telecommunication services in South Africa. For those who don’t know, some time ago this developing country decided that exorbitant pricing of bandwidth is a good strategy to support social and economic development. And our Minister of Communication is sticking to that strategy, by appealing the ruling that Value Added […]