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Month: May, 2009

The Wire (pre alpha) – aggregate blog posts and comments

Yesterday was one of those great open source days for me. The idea that there is a global community of smart and creative people who share ideas openly and help each other is powerful, but also a little abstract. But when you reach out, and the community responds and makes it all happen, it’s a […]

OpenCourseWare Consortium announces new ED

The OpenCourseWare Consortium has been one of the original OER pioneers. Earlier this year, we were able to announce that the membership of over 200 institutions has published more than 8000 (!) courses. As a movement and an organisation, we have arrived at an interesting and challenging moment. The focus is shifting from content to […]

An everyday OCW story from South Africa

My colleague Juliet Stoltenkamp, the head of e-Learning at the University of the Western Cape, and I have been meeting with lecturers from different departments to speak about OCW and encourage them to publish some of their courses. Today we met with Karen Wallace from Chemistry and her feedback and comments really struck a chord […]

Buddypress growing up – adding to the wishlist

Buddypress turned 1 (point 0) recently, which is great, because we would like to use it for Joss immediately posted a little wishlist for features he’d like to see in future versions (and he puts his money where his mouth is – offering to pay for some of the development). So, I thought, why […]