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Month: December, 2009

Mozilla Jetpack For Learning Design Challenge enters phase II

3 … 2 … 1 … and the Jetpacks are on their way. The Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge enters phase II. We were excited to receive 36 amazing submissions from teams around the world and accepted 26 into the next stage. Congratulations to our participants! Ideas that we liked ranged from annotating the Web […]

Alternative accreditation – first ideas and upcoming workshop in Boston 2010

So much has happened, that it made sense to jot down a few notes on my thinking on alternative accreditation (I should really say “our” as most of the thinking has been done in collaboration with others, including Christine Geith and Stian Haklev, but I can’t speak on their behalf). I am interested in this […]

P2PU – learning from open source (2)

This is part II in an open ended series on useful lessons that P2PU can learn from open source software communities. I am looking specifically at issues around governance, and culture. Governance As open communities grow, governance becomes a (fascinating) challenge. If you want to scale, and P2PU does want to scale, you need more […]