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Month: January, 2011

Sustainability Smarthistory Kickstarter

I am at the P2PU NY Camp organized by John Britton, and in one of today’s session Alan Webb led a brainstorm to identify additional ideas for long-term P2PU sustainability (see this page for our notes). And 5 minutes later this email from Beth Harris at Smarthistory (the amazing multi-media web book about art and […]

MIT and the future of open courseware

MIT OCW just launched its first five MIT OCW Scholar courses. These courses are not just openly licensed, but especially designed to support independent learners who want to make use of them. That means, all the materials you need to master the subjects are now available to you. Bravo! Despite its resounding success (70 million […]

Peer learner + Peer learner -> Mastery

Great quote / image about peer learning (thanks for forwarding, John Britton!).