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Month: October, 2011

Eureka. It’s a lab – not (just) a platform.

This announcement about Harvard receiving a US$ 40M gift to support teaching and learning innovation made me think more about the platform conversation we’ve been having (here and on the mailing list).┬áBesides giving an elite university a lot of cash, how can we foster more innovation in learning and teaching in ways that will affect […]

Please build this – Simple task and time tracking

I’ve been looking for solutions to two problems that must be quite common for people working in virtual teams Managing sprawling lists of todos across many projects Keeping track of where all my time goes to make sure I’m spending it on things that are important You’d think there must be a plethora of great […]

Why P2PU should be a platform and not a product

I’ve had a lot on my mind with regards to P2PU recently. Bear with me for a bit of a meander … As Executive Director, one of my responsibilities is to figure out a way to make this thing┬ásustainable, and I’m working on a sustainability plan for discussion with the board. Lots of people have […]