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Month: December, 2012

Learning Like the Web

Illich wrote of learning webs that provide access to people, materials and tools to support interest-driven learning. Open source software communities have demonstrated how self-organized communities of practice can function as learning webs online. I just spent two days with some of the leading people in the MOOC space. There was much agreement about what […]

Analytics and The Art of Learning

I posted a long piece about analytics and the (lost) art of learning over on the P2PU blog. It is quite a personal reflection and made me think about my own personal journey, and the influence my parents’ have had on the way I think. I had originally considered posting it here, rather than the […]

Good tools make you smile

I recently downloaded Sketch, an inexpensive vector drawing tool for OSX. I was actually hoping for a pixel / photo editing tool that could replace Seashore,¬†which is free and I appreciate the fact that it exists, but also regularly drives me crazy. So much for careful product review before purchasing. Good news however: Sketch turns […]