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Reflections on philanthropy (mostly by others)

Peter Buffett, Warren Buffett’s son and chairman of the NoVo Foundation, recently posted an opinion piece for the NYT about his frustrations with philanthropy. He suggests there is a problem with expecting the social sector to solve problems the corporate sector helped create (funded partially by money made in the process). Matthew Bishop, who is […]

Do the < head > sign – P2PU School of Webcraft looking for course developers

The School of Webcraft is our first foray into building an entire “Department” for a discipline – courses, a community of course organizers and new assessment models and metrics. We are gearing up to launch the first round of courses in September and are looking for more people to get involved in democratizing web developer […]

The AppStore vision of (not so) Open Education

The open web is under threat and it’s a big deal for learning and education (among other things). Last week a meeting on “Learning, Freedom & the Web” hosted by the Carnegie Foundation brought together a mix of learning experts and web industry geeks to keep the web open for learning. One of the topics […]

Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge announces winners

After 3 months of hacking Jetpacks, debugging code, refining user experiences, and having a good ol’ time with teams from all over the world, the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge is sadly coming to an end. In the same spirit of sharing and collaboration that has made this project so much fun, we couldn’t decide […]

Mozilla Jetpack Design Challenge invites 10 teams to Design Camp

For the past two months participants in Mozilla’s Jetpack 4 Learning Design Challenge have worked on Jetpack prototypes to turn the open web into a rich social learning environment and explore new possibilities for learning online. Today 10 teams were selected to participate in a hands-on Design Camp. The Jetpack 4 Learning Design Challenge is […]

Imagine if there was no secret science!

Derek is great at framing messages that sum up the problem (and often hint at the solution). His “imagine if …” statement became the slogan for the new Freedom To Innovate South Africa poster. FTISA has been a crucial organization in support of access to knowledge in South Africa. They played an important role advising […]

Alternative accreditation – first ideas and upcoming workshop in Boston 2010

So much has happened, that it made sense to jot down a few notes on my thinking on alternative accreditation (I should really say “our” as most of the thinking has been done in collaboration with others, including Christine Geith and Stian Haklev, but I can’t speak on their behalf). I am interested in this […]

P2PU – learning from open source (2)

This is part II in an open ended series on useful lessons that P2PU can learn from open source software communities. I am looking specifically at issues around governance, and culture. Governance As open communities grow, governance becomes a (fascinating) challenge. If you want to scale, and P2PU does want to scale, you need more […]

Here is the match for that jetpack on your back

A few months ago, I received a fellowship from the Shuttleworth Foundation to work on open and collaborative resources (a code for setting up the P2PU and supporting OER in Africa). The idea of the fellowships is to find entrepreneurs and innovators who are working towards social change and give them the means to achieve […]

Put your hands together for the Wikipedia survey volunteer translators

We (UNU MERIT CCG) released the first overview results from the Wikipedia survey today. Erik Moeller has a longer blog-post about the survey and the data. He calls it a “landmark moment”. Running a survey in 20 languages is not a trivial feat, and some of the people behind the scenes without whom this would […]