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Let’s make badges not stink

There is a lot of noise about badges at the moment with opinions ranging from “we don’t need no stinkin’ badges” to “badges will lead to global peace.” I have been one of the original instigators (PDF) of the badges for learning movement (is it really a movement?), but my favorite session at the recent DML […]

How to know you’re doing something right

Worth checking out Matthew Ladner’s guest post on Jay Greene’s blog in which he argues that we need to create more space within the education system for market forces to bring down cost and increase quality. It lists some of the pro-business (e.g. more private & less public, let the market solve our problems) arguments and those […]

A question of core values (comment in Times Higher Ed)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on Apple’s move into the textbook world. It got quite a lot of attention and I wrote a slightly longer version for publication in the Times Higher Ed. I managed to add a little context from other initiatives in the field, including MITx. The full THE […]

Eureka. It’s a lab – not (just) a platform.

This announcement about Harvard receiving a US$ 40M gift to support teaching and learning innovation made me think more about the platform conversation we’ve been having (here and on the mailing list). Besides giving an elite university a lot of cash, how can we foster more innovation in learning and teaching in ways that will affect […]

DML Ignite – Badges (Funny 4)

Erin and I are doing a whole range of things at the upcoming Digital Media and Learning conference. Including, maybe, what they call an ignite talk. Here is our proposal (which I can’t take credit for – besides a short conversation in the back of a NY Cab). I look forward to creating some “vivid […]

Sustainability Smarthistory Kickstarter

I am at the P2PU NY Camp organized by John Britton, and in one of today’s session Alan Webb led a brainstorm to identify additional ideas for long-term P2PU sustainability (see this page for our notes). And 5 minutes later this email from Beth Harris at Smarthistory (the amazing multi-media web book about art and […]

Interested in designing the open education platform of the future?

We just opened sign-up for the Mozilla/Creative Commons/P2PU course on open education prototyping, and already more than 20 people have signed up. Great! Course participants will be working on individual prototypes for open education projects. For those that want to take their ideas a step further, there might be a good opportunity to get funding […]

Kicking off the Mozilla Open Education course

We just sent out the announcement for an upcoming hands-on Mozilla course on open education. It’s organised by our friends from the Mozilla Foundation, with (some more friends) from ccLearn – and covers open licensing, open tech, and open pedagogy in a snappy 6 week package. There are case-studies, prototyping, web-seminars and we are looking […]