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Reflections on philanthropy (mostly by others)

Peter Buffett, Warren Buffett’s son and chairman of the NoVo Foundation, recently posted an opinion piece for the NYT about his frustrations with philanthropy. He suggests there is a problem with expecting the social sector to solve problems the corporate sector helped create (funded partially by money made in the process). Matthew Bishop, who is […]

Let’s make badges not stink

There is a lot of noise about badges at the moment with opinions ranging from “we don’t need no stinkin’ badges” to “badges will lead to global peace.” I have been one of the original instigators (PDF) of the badges for learning movement (is it really a movement?), but my favorite session at the recent DML […]

The Fellowship Year in Review

As part of my Shuttleworth Foundation fellowship, I am asked to reflect once a year on progress I have made, and think about challenges I may have encountered (and overcome hopefully.) It always seems difficult to find the time to write these reports, but turns out to be an incredibly useful exercise in taking a longer-term view. […]

Open Governance Course – Community Norms

This is my first posting for the Open Governance course, which I am both facilitating and participating in (yes, peer learning at its best). The assignment, readings and links to other participants’ posts are all on this page: I wont’ go into a lot of detail on the content of the readings, but they deal […]