podfading …

by P

Came across this article on podfading. I find the comparison with blogs (and how much easier they are to update) does not make much sense, because of different objectives for the two channels. But I agree that creating podcasts, even simple ones, takes considerable time and effort.

FYI, I just recorded a brief interview with Luc Soete (Dutch site) about the merger of UNU-INTECH and MERIT, including some thoughts on the work we will do in the future, and implications for the PhD programme. It will go online later this month.

WIRED article on “podfading” (http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,70171-0.html?tw=rss.index)

Some snippets:

Podcasting has drawn thousands on the premise that anyone can create an audio program, build an audience online and even vault to stardom. Less celebrated is the fact that untold numbers of shows just wink out just as suddenly as they started.

The phenomenon has earned its own label, “podfading,” coined by podcaster Scott Fletcher in February 2005 when he gave up on two podcasts of his own.

“Podcasting is one of those things that’s cheap and easy to begin to do but takes a tremendous amount of time to keep going with no payoff”