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Month: September, 2007

Open Educational Resources Article on GUNI site

My article on open educational resources was published by the Global University Network on Innovation (GUNI), a think tank on higher education based in Barcelona. It’s a fairly broad introduction to open educational resources, and I raise a few key issues that are likely to keep this movement busy over the next years: a new […]

open education town meeting

I am representing the University of the Western Cape at the open education meeting organised joinly by The Shuttleworth Foundation, Open Society Institute, and the Hewlett Foundation. We are roughly 30 people from around the world working on various aspects of open education. We started the day off by listing the many different projects and […]

Content as Infrastructure

David Wiley spoke of content as infrastructure at the recent UNU/UNESCO conference on higher education, “Pathways towards a shared future”. The idea resonates with my own thoughts on how we can engage with content, and what tools might support this engagement. In traditional education was characterised by a process of combining and pulling together; content, […]

OpenEd: Week 1 (late)

I decided to join David Wiley’s course on open education, but don’t expect to be able to participate every week. Finally returned to Cape Town on the weekend and am jumping in late to the discussions. I read the Tomasevski papers on the plane, and have not had a chance to look at the discussions […]