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Month: August, 2008

david wiley does the cape town declaration twist

Previously classified images from the iSummit 2008 show David Wiley signing the Cape Town Open Education Declaration through a ground-breaking interpretive dance display. The sequence starts with Dr Wiley dressed in a Utah Open High School T-Shirt, which he gradually combines with the “I signed the Cape Town Declaration” shirt that was released during the […]

iSummit 2008 – open education feedback

Today I received an email from the wonderful Delia Browne, who is chasing all open education track participants at the iSummit 08 (in Sapporo) for feedback on the event. Thorough review and feedback of workshops is something that doesn’t happen often enough — everyone is too busy to get on with the next one — […]

open everything introduction made slideshow of the day

The Open Everything Intro slidecast (slides + audio) made slideshow-of-the-day at This will work only today, but you can always get to the original slidecast here.

"open everything" quite something

Thanks to everyone who was there, the open everything event on Friday was a blast. A special round of applause to the lovely Birds ladies for keeping us all well refreshed and fed, and a big thank you to Helen King and the Shuttleworth Foundation for sponsoring those who could not afford to pay and […]