"open everything" quite something

by P

Thanks to everyone who was there, the open everything event on Friday was a blast.

A special round of applause to the lovely Birds ladies for keeping us all well refreshed and fed, and a big thank you to Helen King and the Shuttleworth Foundation for sponsoring those who could not afford to pay and making sure we had everything we needed to make the event happen.

What was it like: It sounds like a cop out, but it is hard to describe how much fun we had during 5 hours of conversations, discussions, and a little bit of presentation. We will be uploading a lot of the audio and video content from speed geeks in the next few days, and also the “hot seat interview” with Aslam Raffee about the South African Government’s open source software policy, but as a teaser, here is the introduction by Mark Surman and me on Open Everything.