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How to build a project

My friend Chris Geith asked me for five points on how to build a new project. Here is what I sent back to her. I have more questions than answers. Some of these are things I wish I’d done better at P2PU. Some of this applies to tech projects more than other types of projects. […]

Let’s make badges not stink

There is a lot of noise about badges at the moment with opinions ranging from “we don’t need no stinkin’ badges” to “badges will lead to global peace.” I have been one of the original instigators (PDF) of the badges for learning movement (is it really a movement?), but my favorite session at the recent DML […]

How to know you’re doing something right

Worth checking out Matthew Ladner’s guest post on Jay Greene’s blog in which he argues that we need to create more space within the education system for market forces to bring down cost and increase quality. It lists some of the pro-business (e.g. more private & less public, let the market solve our problems) arguments and those […]

A question of core values (comment in Times Higher Ed)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on Apple’s move into the textbook world. It got quite a lot of attention and I wrote a slightly longer version for publication in the Times Higher Ed. I managed to add a little context from other initiatives in the field, including MITx. The full THE […]

Apple Edu = It’s a revolution, just not ours.

What a week. On Wednesday the Interwebs shut down. On Thursday Apple revolutionized textbooks. What will Friday bring? But after the hype has settled down (and yes, it was hard not to get a little swept away by all the great sounding announcements) we wake up with a slight hang-over this morning. Audrey Waters went […]

Learning with a little help from your friends

Two weeks ago P2PU held its third workshop. This year’s focus was on “getting stuff done” and bringing together people who are working on concrete projects. And we did get a lot done. Check out the etherpad with our notes and visit our new projects board on trello for the details. But we also spent […]

Eureka. It’s a lab – not (just) a platform.

This announcement about Harvard receiving a US$ 40M gift to support teaching and learning innovation made me think more about the platform conversation we’ve been having (here and on the mailing list). Besides giving an elite university a lot of cash, how can we foster more innovation in learning and teaching in ways that will affect […]

The Fellowship Year in Review

As part of my Shuttleworth Foundation fellowship, I am asked to reflect once a year on progress I have made, and think about challenges I may have encountered (and overcome hopefully.) It always seems difficult to find the time to write these reports, but turns out to be an incredibly useful exercise in taking a longer-term view. […]

I don’t need a certificate to beat you in chess

Just submitted my “Testing Our Assumptions” proposal for the upcoming Open Ed Conference (Oct 25-27 2011). I am interested in hacking certification – and was happy to accept David’s invitation to act as a Strand Champion for “Open credentialing, open competency certification, and open degrees” at the conference. Rather than submit a more formal presentation […]

Hacking Certification

I have been interested in certification (and assessment related to certification) for a while. I believe it will drive the next big step for as well as for the open education movement as a whole. Getting it right is important. Thanks to Brandon Muramatsu and Vijay Kumar I’ve spent some time this week trying […]