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The Machine that runs P2PU

I posted an update on the administrative underbelly of P2PU over at It covers a lot of the important (but slightly mundane) details of incorporating as a non-profit organization. While it’s annoying to fill out endless forms, many of our users are curious about how things work behind the scenes (surprisingly they work just […]

School of Webcraft – Plans for 2011

This is a post about our plans for the Mozilla P2PU School of Webcraft – a joint effort to provide web developers training and certification that is free, open, and globally accessible. At the same time this is a post about P2PU as a whole – which encompasses many courses on many subjects, and even […]

Sustainability Smarthistory Kickstarter

I am at the P2PU NY Camp organized by John Britton, and in one of today’s session Alan Webb led a brainstorm to identify additional ideas for long-term P2PU sustainability (see this page for our notes). And 5 minutes later this email from Beth Harris at Smarthistory (the amazing multi-media web book about art and […]

MIT and the future of open courseware

MIT OCW just launched its first five MIT OCW Scholar courses. These courses are not just openly licensed, but especially designed to support independent learners who want to make use of them. That means, all the materials you need to master the subjects are now available to you. Bravo! Despite its resounding success (70 million […]

P2PU at SXSW. Acronyms galore!

John put together a proposal (see below) to talk about Mozilla/P2PU School of Webcraft at SXSW Interactive (an amazing geek fest in case you haven’t heard of it). We need your help to get to Austin, Texas: Please register for an account on the panel picker website: Confirm your email address Vote up our […]

P2PU Call for Courses

Smack into the middle of summer break in the global North (and beautiful sunny winter days in Cape Town) comes the P2PU Call for Courses. We already asked for your ideas on Webdeveloper courses for the School of Webcraft a few weeks ago, and this is the call for courses by everyone, for everyone, about […]

Reading list – "OER beyond content" in the development context

Dick Ngambi invited me to speak with Masters students at University of Cape Town as part of his course on “Educational ICTs for Developing Contexts”. I am chuffed to be invited back – last year we had a very lively discussion on creating an African version of Michael Wesch’s youtube sensation. This year I will […]

The green fields that lie beyond content

I was happy to see Brandon Muramatsu at the OCWC Vietnam meeting and get some time to hang out, check out the latest gadges (geek!) and go to his presentation. He asked the audience – “what would you like to be able to do with MIT OCW?” Turns out he and Vijay Kumar (who is […]

Thoughts on "Disrupting Class" and "Leadership Without Easy Answers"

I recorded a short video with a few excerpts from “Disrupting Class” and “Leadership without easy answers” and my thoughts how these excellent books relate to our work at the Peer 2 Peer University. It’s a first attempt at video blogging. I am still a little uncertain which types of messages and comments video is […]

Open Accreditation – Next steps

At this point, I find the work on open accreditation to be the most innovative part of the open education space. It’s not just exiting because it cuts at the heart of how the education system supposedly validates learning, but also because it prompts us to ask big questions about the reasons for studying and […]