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Thoughts on "Disrupting Class" and "Leadership Without Easy Answers"

I recorded a short video with a few excerpts from “Disrupting Class” and “Leadership without easy answers” and my thoughts how these excellent books relate to our work at the Peer 2 Peer University. It’s a first attempt at video blogging. I am still a little uncertain which types of messages and comments video is […]

"open everything" quite something

Thanks to everyone who was there, the open everything event on Friday was a blast. A special round of applause to the lovely Birds ladies for keeping us all well refreshed and fed, and a big thank you to Helen King and the Shuttleworth Foundation for sponsoring those who could not afford to pay and […]

Return of the Track

Walking towards the conference venue on this last day of the open education track at the iSummit 08 I found myself humming along to the melody of Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” – how fitting I thought – since this was truly the Return of the Track (the Open Education Track). Last year Gunner […]

Problems using self-archived articles in South African universities

The open access movement has had tremendous success increasing the amount of self-archived journal articles. Self-archiving means that authors can negotiate with publishers the right to keep a copy of their peer-reviewed article on a personal (or institutional) web-site for public download. Self-archived journal articles are usually covered by copyright, but users are allowed to […]

Commonwealth of Learning on Open Licenses – My comments

The Commonwealth of Learning has published a chapter on open licenses (part of an upcoming book on the use of copyright for authors, educators and librarians). I believe such a book could be a great resource, and given the CoL’s mission of supporting education I was quite excited to have a look and share it […]

A Fair(y) Use Tale – a RipMixLearn triumph

Fantastic Disney mesh-up to explain the concept of copyright and fair use (which is referred to as fair dealing in South Africa). It’s a tricky beast and, as the film points out “not a right!” and there is much uncertainty how much of a work can be reproduced for teaching and learning in higher education […]

active learning triangle / how reliable are its predictions?

I found a mention of the active learning triangle (in this slideshare presentation on education in Web 2.0, which references “Audio-Visual Methods in Teaching” by Holt Rinhart and Winston). It posits that the more we engage / internalise / transform what we learn (or act on what we learn) the more of it we remember […]

Summary: learners' reflection in technological learning environments

We are in the process of reading and summarising papers that will help us inform our thinking on rip-mix-learn practices in higher education. We are keeping them on an internal wiki, which has a few public pages. I am working on a way to making it easier to navigate only the pages that are accessible. […]