lufthansa miles and more (from the "how-not-to-do-customer-support" department)

by P

The Lufthansa miles and more website for frequent fliers let’s you send email to their support staff through an online interface. I don’t like online interfaces, but ok, I can understand why that would be a necessary first step to prevent excessive spam. However, the person replying to my request did not have an answer to my question and suggested I call the German Miles&More info number. I am in the Netherlands, so I tried the Dutch number first, but they were already closed. The German number was not working via skype. That’s already annoying up to here, but the worst is yet to come. The support email came from a no-reply@… address, which bounces emails send to it. What this tells me loud and clear is, “LH really does not want to hear from its frequent fliers who might have questions.”

I also tried sending my reply message to info@, help@, postmaster@, webmaster@,, but all of them bounce …