Joi Ito on altruism

by P

Joi just blogged about the conversation about altruism we had a few weeks ago (it was more an interview with him, than a conversation) and the audio files are available for download from the icommons site. I had not thought of “sharing” in the way he described it as part of a broader philosophy of happiness, and although it was all very unprepared, there are many little nuggets of wisdom that I kept coming back to.

One thing in particular really stuck in my mind – and that was how being happy through sharing ourselves was the best way to spread the ideas that the icommons family believes in. Too often we get distracted in arguments over which license is most open, and who the bad guys and the good guys are. If what we believe is the right way to share your work, and engage in collaborative activities, then it should make us happy, and others will want to experience the same sense of happiness that they see in us.

Sharing nicely -> happy people!