Kicking off the Mozilla Open Education course

by P

We just sent out the announcement for an upcoming hands-on Mozilla course on open education. It’s organised by our friends from the Mozilla Foundation, with (some more friends) from ccLearn – and covers open licensing, open tech, and open pedagogy in a snappy 6 week package.

There are case-studies, prototyping, web-seminars and we are looking to discuss lots of innovative new ideas. The announcement is on the course wiki here.

From the P2PU perspective this course comes at the perfect time. One of the biggest challenges for us has been to find a technology platform that is light-weight, does not need major tweaking, keeps up with new developments by letting us plug web 2.0 services into it, and supports open standards. So, one goal for us is to get more ideas from the course, on how to set up a volunteer-run open online university. Piece of cake, right?

Anyway, have a look around the course wiki to see if the course is interesting for you – and consider signing up. Space is limited and first come first serve!