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How to build a project

My friend Chris Geith asked me for five points on how to build a new project. Here is what I sent back to her. I have more questions than answers. Some of these are things I wish I’d done better at P2PU. Some of this applies to tech projects more than other types of projects. […]

Do the < head > sign – P2PU School of Webcraft looking for course developers

The School of Webcraft is our first foray into building an entire “Department” for a discipline – courses, a community of course organizers and new assessment models and metrics. We are gearing up to launch the first round of courses in September and are looking for more people to get involved in democratizing web developer […]

The darn drop outs and lurkers

No, I am not speaking of the P2PU management and advisory boards, although some of us have taken rather unconventional academic trajectories including dropping out altogether. But I am writing about a different type of dropping out that is of great concern to P2PU: the number of people that start but don’t complete online courses, […]

The AppStore vision of (not so) Open Education

The open web is under threat and it’s a big deal for learning and education (among other things). Last week a meeting on “Learning, Freedom & the Web” hosted by the Carnegie Foundation brought together a mix of learning experts and web industry geeks to keep the web open for learning. One of the topics […]

Thoughts on "Disrupting Class" and "Leadership Without Easy Answers"

I recorded a short video with a few excerpts from “Disrupting Class” and “Leadership without easy answers” and my thoughts how these excellent books relate to our work at the Peer 2 Peer University. It’s a first attempt at video blogging. I am still a little uncertain which types of messages and comments video is […]

The Wire (pre alpha) – aggregate blog posts and comments

Yesterday was one of those great open source days for me. The idea that there is a global community of smart and creative people who share ideas openly and help each other is powerful, but also a little abstract. But when you reach out, and the community responds and makes it all happen, it’s a […]

Empty Inbox

It takes two consecutive 11.5 hour flights to travel from Cape Town to San Franciso, and another 3 hours by bus to Monterey for the Hewlett Grantees Meeting. It’s well worth it however, since 4 out of the 5 original Peer 2 Peer University team will be here, and I can’t wait to see you! […]